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“ I don’t feel like 45 years have passed, but they have, I have the albums to prove it. Metal keeps us young.” - Wolf Hoffmann ed Lets talk about the new songs on the record. Where did the origin of “Symphony of Pain” come from? WOLF: I have always messed around with classical ideas ever since I was a teenager and even in Accept songs ever since 86’ Metal Heart. Once in a while I have a song that kind of lends itself infusing a little bit of classical music. I was toying around with the idea of a sym- phony of “pain”, I just liked the way it sounded, the ultimate pain is a symphony of pain kind of thing. I thought it sounded quite metal so I started writing some riffs and before I knew it I had a chorus idea and it all fell into place and I thought, if there was ever a place for more classical bits and pieces it would be this song. His best known symphony of all is probably Beethoven’s 5th, so I was able to incorporate a little snippet into the song and a little bit into the the song and a little bit into the guitar solo, that’s Beethoven’s 9th. Then Mark came up with the idea of making the song about Beethoven’s struggle with deafness. All of this great music we get inspiration from is all public domain. What to you is the most significant change in the industry in your 45 years? WOLF: The way we produce, market and sell music has all changed. We used to go out and tour to support the album sales and now its almost like we make the album as an excuse to go on tour. It’s all about touring now. Album sales are dropping every year. Between streaming and ev- erything it’s really hard to keep track of the changes. It’s crazy. Someone makes the argument that you can make more money through streaming. When someone bought an album they owned it and can play it as may times as they want, but with streaming they can stream it thousands of times. I don’t know who would actually stream and entire album thou- sands of times. It doesn’t equate. .00017 per stream as opposed to $12.99 for album purchase/ The answer is.. I don’t know (chuckles), its just dwindling. (Continued on next page) Photo Credit: Iana Domingos Page 43