COMMONWEALTH Quartet THE CROWNING , DIG DEEP to create one of the best SONGS of 2020 ! MORE MUSIC IN 2021 !

They say that you you can only know a person by truly walking in their shoes . In the case of Micah Martin and his band The Crowning from the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania , they are shoes that very few could ever fill . While tragedy dealt a serious blow to the future of anything musical the band would do , they took a message of perseverance and hope to the masses with amazing new songs and a track that can only be described as “ chilling ”. To go deep into ones psyche to understand where a song comes from is one thing , but to understand how to survive and thrive through tragedy is all about some ones heart and soul . THIS is what embodies the songs of The Crowning .
The Crowning can mean a myriad of different things . What does The Crowning mean for you guys ?
The Crowning
MICAH : Basically how it came about , we were really struggling with coming up with names . At the time it was me , Ace , Walter and Ty , and they had a myriad of really horrible names . I didn ’ t know what to name the band at the time but I didn ’ t want something kind of weird and just stupid . I wanted to name the band at the time I was thinking like Five Acre or Acre , or something along those lines . But some of those were already taken and that ’ s why we ended up naming the festival out of it . We were sitting in the studio recording our first couple of songs and we were talking about … you know I have seven kids and there was conversations around child birthing and pooping and those kinds of things . Somebody had mentioned the word crowning and I was like “ The Crowning ” and to me it was really about the birth of a new thing , the birth of a new idea . Childbirth is a tough experience . ( Continued on the next page )