With the successful response of your M3 performance , did that propell you to make to make the new record “ Renegades ”?
STEVEN : When Kelly said he wanted to come back in and we got together , I told him about the offer from M3 . They wanted me to come out there and play some LA Guns songs and I said to Kelly , “ Lets go do this and have some fun ,” It ’ s just a one off . Me and him co-wrote alot of the classic material with the other members , so we felt secure and confident about doing that . We weren ’ t going out as the rhythm section that we played on an album . We co-wrote alot of those songs , so I said let ’ s go have fun and play M3 and it really was just that . After the response from M3 , it snowballed from there . Kurt and Scotty Griffin did such a tremendous job . The show was well received by the fans and other people . A friend of mine ended up filming that from the front on one of his cameras and it was all over the internet . With that show going over so well it scored us a management deal with New Breed Management out here in LA . Just weeks later they brought us to Golden Robot and said they wanted to do a record . We immediately went right into pre-production that summer . There was no master plan of us doing this . It all happened really fast . It just really fell into place organically . With the 4 of us playing together we knew we had something special right away . We knew something was gonna be cool and something was happening here and the chemistry was just so right . I can ’ t believe it because I ’ ve been doing it for so long and nothing like this has ever happened that quick , from management , then record deal , then right into pre-production and then right into the studio . Everyone was sitting on all these songs , so yea that ’ s really how it happened . It was really a quick turn around from doing M3 to finishing the album , like 6 months later .