WELCOME TO THE ALL NEW RAVEN’S REVEAL. 99WNRR HOST JACQUI RAVEN DISHES OUT HER TOP DIY ARTISTS YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO. p;p’/ Atonement Denied This band was the very first band that I chose from ReverbNation and when you listen to “Time to Pay”, you will understand why they are on Raven’s Reveal. Not only does it have that pure metal feel, but it is just down right feisty. The rift in this song will have you crank- ing it up extra loud as it’s that good. Anchor- age, Alaska are where these guys are jamming from, and of course, who thinks metal in Alaska? Jacqui Raven is the Queen of all things metal every Sunday night at 6pm est on 99WNRR. Continued into the society. And, in turn, the west and it’s values were strictly forbidden there. That of course included western music. So it was a complete surprise to the world when a music festival was announced that would be taking place in Moscow, featuring western rock acts. Vein Four band members who were sitting around watching hockey and just decided to form a metal band, that would be VEIN. Hef, Tay- lor, Chris and Hunter are making their mark on the Dallas, Texas metal scene who believe that the force that pushes the music through our veins is what drives us. Hence, how the band came up with the name. Since 2017, these guys have been making a name for themselves all over Texas. They have worked with the legendary Sterling Winfield, who has produced such bands as Pantera, King Diamond and Dam- age Plan. Their ReverbNation song “All of Me” was an instant like as you can hear every single instrument on the song. It is so rich and powerful, with a true metal sound...a true mosh pit song, cotton candy and all. “All of Me” has been on top of Raven’s Reveal for three weeks. We will see who will knock these metal Texans off. Icarus The members of Icarus came together in 2017 after meeting in college. The current lineup of Richie, George, Matt, Ben and Will, who are from Winford, England, have a sound with inspirations from hip hop, or as Richie says, “I take my influ- ences and metal it up”. One of the most powerful songs in their arsenal is “Bleeding Out”. When I heard the song from ReverbNation, it was the powerful bass and the singing style that won me and the listeners over. In a recent interview, the band shared how life’s experiences can also in- stigate a track such as “Dear Soldier”. Ben who plays the drums, lost his brother tragically in an accident and the lyrics were a way for him to heal. It’s an emotionally charged song that will have you wanting to reach out and hug a loved one. These lads have such a promising future and we will be following with interest. The Moscow Music Peace Festival took place on August 12th and 13th of 1989. Featuring Skid Row, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, and Scorpions. Dubbed “Rock Against Drugs and Alcohol”, (yes, you read that correctly...oh the irony!), this would be the first time western rock acts ever played in the Soviet Union. And while many storylines come out of this festival, one of the leg- endary ones was the story of how the classic hit “Wind of Change” by Scorpions was birthed out of this experience. The legend goes that singer Klaus Meine wrote the song after the experience of the Moscow Music Peace Festival. How he walked those streets and could feel things were changing in the world. It’s right there in the opening lyrics: I follow the Moskva, Down to Gorky Park, Listening to the wind of change The song appeared on their next record, called Crazy World. It became an anthem the world over, for a generation of people. As the Berlin Wall was torn down. And as the Soviet Union’s communist government collapsed. The world had, in fact, changed, and it seemed Klaus and his cohorts had seen it coming. Klaus had been so inspired, that he’d written a timeless classic, one for the ages. Or had he? Now this, of course, is where I drop the great reveal, in a way. What the hell am I talking about? Well, I’m not going to give you all the details, but I’ll tell you where to get them. You see, I fell down a rabbit hole that is a podcast called “Wind of Change”. It’s a story by the incredible Patrick Radden Keefe, an inves- tigative journalist for The New Yorker Magazine. And the gist of the story is this: Patrick’s friend Michael, who used to work for the CIA, tells him the story of another former CIA operative sharing information with him claiming that the song Wind of Change was really written by the CIA in a top secret psyops program to insert western music and ideals into the Soviet Union to inspire change. Atonement Denied is making a name for them- selves in the small Alaska metal scene but they are doing it well. Ian, who is the drummer and founder of the band, told me that they use the cold, harsh winters for inspiration and I can see that. As with every band during this pandemic, they have been writing new material and honing their craft. Considering where they are on the charts with Raven’s Reveal and ReverbNation, these guys are solid and I can’t wait to see what the Alaska winter will bring out of the band. Hold Me Hostage Colorado has been known for its classi- cal, folk, bluegrass, the occasional rock and of course, it’s gorgeous mountains. Who would have thought that metal would be tak- ing Denver by storm? Chris, with his dark and heavy vocals, is the lead singer and brain- child behind Hold Me Hostage. Chris, along (Continued on next page) Yes, you read that correctly. Preposterous, right? Or is it? I’m cer- tainly not going to spoil this for you, because I’m telling you, this is one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever listened to, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. I’ve actually listened to all 8 episodes twice. This epic yarn begins with a conversation between two friends in an apartment, and ends up taking you all over the globe. Interviews with former operatives, musicians and con- Photo Credit: Joe goers. Schaeffer cert You’ll hear about Doctor Zhivago, Howard Hughes, Satchmo, Doc McGee, and Nina Simone. You’ll hear about covert propaganda, the Freedom of Information Act of 1967, espionage, crazy rock ‘n roll stories. You’ll go to a toy convention in Ohio, and hear about Manuel Noriega and the biggest drug bust in US history. Lots of clandestine CIA talk. And of course, Scorpions themselves, all of this culminating in a meeting at a secluded hotel in Hamburg, Germany, with Klaus Meine himself. Even if you aren’t a Scorpions fan (and I dunno if I trust you if you aren’t, by the way...) this story is absolutely fascinating. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts from. So, is there any truth to this, you ask? I can neither confirm nor deny. You’ll just have to listen for yourself.