Torch: WI - Page 3

letter from the editor

page three

Salvete, amici!

I am honored to have been elected your WJCL Editor for a second term, and I'm so excited to be able to work on the Torch and with the board for another year.

Throughout my second term, I hope to introduce more forms of media, such as photo galleries and podcasts, to my papers. I believe this will better showcase the WJCL's achievements as well as make each issue of the Torch more fun and interesting to read. An example of one of these innovations is the photo gallery on the preceding page, which displays highlights from state convention.

I've also introduced a new, more photo-centric design to the Torch, and I'd love to hear your feedback on this change.

Finally, I'd like to extend thanks to the guest contributors to this issue, who hail from as far away as Connecticut and California. With their help, as well as that of the WJCL members who wrote articles for this issue, I was able to make this issue of the Torch the longest ever. I've put a lot of effort into this paper, and I really hope you enjoy reading it.

Gratias maximas,

Margot Armbruster

2017-2018 WJCL Editor