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chapter updates, continued


by angie moyer, homestead latin club president

After a successful state convention, Homestead students collected their ribbons and art projects and got back into the swing of things. Throughout February, elections were organized for next year's board as candidates came forward. Voting is still ongoing, due to recent exams and the start of a new Trimester. Over 120 Latin students took

the National Latin Exam on March 15th in an appropriate celebration of the Ides. Homestead's annual Caesar Salad Spectaculum, where students gather to enjoy some good salad and chat with friends, is scheduled for March 23rd. More new and exciting events are sure to come as the weather warms up!

Brookfield Academy

The BA Latin Club has been working hard since state convention. In February, we held our annual Cupidgrams fundraiser, involving a Latin Club member who dressed as Cupid to deliver handwritten notes students wrote to their friends. This year’s fundraiser was successful, raising over $200 for the Club.

Additionally, every student in the BA Latin program took the National Latin Exam. Several also took the National Latin Vocabulary Exam and the National

Roman Civilization Exam.

Dozens of students have already signed up to attend the National Convention in July, evoking NJCL excitement early. In addition, an army of BA teams has prepared to attend the Eighth Harvard Certamen in Boston on March 25th by practicing during lunch periods, after school, and even during spring break. The Latin Club hopes to represent the WJCL well at both nationals and the upcoming Certamen tournament.

Below: BA officers display their planet costumes. PC: Katya Mikhailenko.

by victoria toledo, brookfield academy latin club secretary

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