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chapter updates

Madison West

by frances bartolutti, former madwest latin club president

Salvete WJCL!

Madison West Latin has been very busy since convention ended in January. We have been making big leaps with fundraising, service, and our board.

Recently, Treasurer, Emma Cortright, reopened our Crewneck campaign to raise more money for our convention scholarships. Through this campaign, we were able to sell 28 crewnecks, raising $300 in individual donations and sales. All this money goes toward our scholarship fund so we can send delegates to convention who wouldn't be able to afford it normally. Thank you if you donated or bought a crewneck--every little bit counts!

On March 10th, MadWest started our living drive. Led by our Second VP Hazel Brown, we are gathering basic items for the Road Home of Dane County, which is a shelter geared toward homeless women and their children. We are gathering basic items such as diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, baby wipes, soap, deodorant, razors, feminine hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and toys. We are also collecting monetary donations. This is set up as a bit of a competition between the Latin classes, as the class that collects the most will get donuts for their hour.

MadWest also recently finished our election process. We had candidate speeches and our open forum on March 8th and 10th, and our club voted for the new board on March 15th. I was happy to see so many fresh faces running for positions, as we had 12 candidates for our 9 positions. Our Parliamentarian Lauren Bayouth did an amazing job with this election. These are our 2017-2018 board members:

President: Caleb Judge

1st VP: Hope Judge

2nd VP: Charlie Met

Parliamentarian: Lauren Bayouth

Secretary: Bryanna Milligan

Historian: Artemis Sidikman

Treasurer: Parnassus Funk

Tech Coordinator: Corrina Callahan

Certamen Coordinator: Cole Fritz

This is my last Torch update as Madison West President. It has been an honor and pleasure writing on the doings of MadWest for every Torch during my term. I will miss sharing the awesomeness that is MadWest with the WJCL. I just hope that my successor continues to do so to the standard that I have set.

Valete WJCL!

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