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blamed their rivalry on her supposed treachery. In this sense, all her efforts amounted to nothing, and her story ended tragically. But the truth is, her story doesn’t have to end there.

Even her death and ultimate failure don’t change the fact that Fulvia Was In The Chariot. Perhaps the reason her ride was rarely ever regarded by historians as relevant is because her challenges of traditional notions of Roman womanhood were too uncomfortable. Her passion and commitment to her homeland were as great as Antony’s, yet somehow her audacity wasn’t worthy of

fulvia in the chariot, continued

acknowledgement. A society that valued facta non verba proved to be hypocritical when evaluating Fulvia’s proactive, no-nonsense contributions to the Roman state. But now is the time to celebrate her narrative and acknowledge her ambitious influence through the same light that we’re accustomed to celebrate the deeds of a few powerful men, who could’ve easily been forgotten if it hadn’t been for one powerful woman. To refer to Fulvia only as the wife of some prominent Roman statesmen is to simplify her identity, to demean her legacy, and to deprive her of her humanity.

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