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TECHNICAL EXECUTION: Your website should be free of any broken links or coding errors. It should also be easily accessible and compatible with a mobile device. Lastly, make sure that all content loads seamlessly and does not lag as a result of any malfunctions or errors.

building a website, continued


That being said, I encourage everyone to compete in the annual National Website Contest. While the Website Contest is nearing its end for 2016-17, you can always build your website now to get it ready for next year’s contest. If you have any questions or would like more information about the Website Contest, feel free to email me at

At left: Shay Pezzulo also created an infographic condensing the major ideas of her article into an easy-to-remember format. To see the guidelines, rules, and rubric for the NJCL chapter (and state) website contest, just click on the picture.

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