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Editor Margot Armbruster, BA

What are you most excited to do as an officer?

I am so excited to continue curating the stories of all the chapters and members that constitute the WJCL. I’m also thrilled to help lead spirit at nationals again.

What new initiatives do you plan to pursue?

In my second term, I intend to take greater advantage of all of Joomag’s technological possibilities: more videos, photo galleries, and maybe even an officer podcast. I also want to encourage local chapters to create their own publications, and I'm happy to advise anyone who wants to get started on this.

Do you have any advice for future candidates?

Be authentic. Voters can tell whether you truly have passion for your chosen position, whether your heart is really in it. Show them you care, and they will reward you.

What three things would you take to a desert island besides food and water?

An airplane, some jet fuel, and a copy of How to Fly a Plane for Dummies.

Skittles or M&Ms?

M&Ms. I’m still mildly traumatized from an eighth-grade science experiment where we burned Skittles. Nothing was left at the end except some noxious-looking liquid and wax. Chocolate is always the best option anyway.

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