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I created a website,, designed to organize all information relating to spirit and service, including spirit contests, roll call, service contests, promotion of spirit and service, and other corresponding activities. The purpose of the blog is to promote the detail that goes behind spirit and service, provide readily available information about the 2nd VP’s role, and generate total awareness with the click of a button.

Personally, I was unaware of the extent of the 2nd VP’s responsibility until I was a WJCL officer last year. Furthermore, while the 2nd VP has consistent duties between terms, changes are common, so the blog will allow the WJCL to stay knowledgeable.

A change I have made as 2nd VP is the organization of service. I will promote community service within the WJCL by creating at least one state service project per season that relates to the season’s spirit theme or cause area. I will also provide additional volunteer opportunities to local chapters to promote the season’s cause area. The season's cause areas are as followed: spring is Community and Environment, summer is Art and Humanities, fall is Health, and winter is Unlimited Opportunities.

This spring, the service focus is the Environment and Community. Volunteering as a means to help conserve and protect the environment and

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second vp update

by silma berrada, wjcl 2nd vp

above: DSHA delegates participate in spirit. Photo by Katya Mikhailenko.

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