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Catholic Memorial

CMH has had a successful year with our new teacher, Mr. Sheaffer, and hopes to have a great year next year. We have just held our end of the year meeting, where we recruited new students and elected officers. The 2017-18 board will be Sam Kramer as President, Ally Kormanik as VP, Meg Wright as Aedile, and Bridget Miklosy as Pontifex Maximus. We also have many prospective new members and look forward to growing our club.

by michael ginn, wjcl tech coordinator

Brookfield East

Brookfield East is finishing our school year strong! Since our last update, we've held a successful bake sale fundraiser and purchased honor cords for our seniors' graduation. We'll be hosting our second annual Olympika event next month; after that, we'll be sending delegates to Nationals in Troy, Alabama! See you there!

by sabrina zhong, wjcl secretary

above: Brookfield East students celebrate the Ides of March by eating Caesar salad. Photo by Ana Agapitova.

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