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I think most JCLers understand that, though. Our club is unique, one that celebrates history, one that celebrates stories. Stories are at the core of everything this club represents, and stories are the literal makeup of our state publications. So reader, do not be afraid to tell yours. Write a memoir, film a movie, draw a comic--even the smallest person can tell the loudest of stories.

storytelling, continued

bazaar update

by alex castroverde, wjcl treasurer

Salvete omnes! I am happy to announce that the online bazaar is under construction. I am so ecstatic for the first ever online bazaar to begin operating. I hope that every school will participate, and I also plan to include a blog so that everyone can see news about the latest products and other updates at a glance.

In order to do this, however, I need your help. I need schools, other than Homestead and MadWest, to email me what they want to sell if they are interested. I really want every school to join the bazaar as soon as possible.

If you want to join or have questions, please contact me at I hope your school will be able to join and to see the bazaar succeed in the coming months.

Here are some questions that people asked me…

Q: What are other schools are selling?

A: That is unknown for now, sorry.

Q: What other schools are participating?

A: I only know that HHS and MadWest are participating.

Q:Is this an ongoing thing?

A: Well, it depends on your school’s inventory of the product you are selling and how long your school wants to keep on selling.