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Salvete, omnes!

The Texas State Junior Classical League has been very active behind-the-scenes since National convention!

All our events kicked off in 2017, including Certamen tournaments across the state. From late January-late February, we will be holding all five of our Area conventions. Texas is so large that we are divided into different regions, or “Areas,” so we can hold conventions other than our one two-day-long state convention! For many schools, Area conventions serve as a deciding factor for who will compete in what competition at state convention. Our state convention this


year will be from March 31 to April 1, and our Convention Coordinators are hard at work organizing all the logistics!

Since NJCL, the TSJCL Executive Board had its Fall Board Meeting, where we updated our constitution over the course of a two-day meeting. We update our constitution every five years in order to allow for any necessary amendments to be made in a timely matter. Any amendments will be voted on in our state convention. We also just had our Winter Board Meeting, which was focused specifically on State Convention. We are all so excited to see how everyone’s hard work pays off in all the events!

To learn more about the happening of the TSJCL, read The Torch here! (

Areeba Amer, TSJCL Editor

National News

On Oct. 13-16, the national committee and the national officers all went on a journey to Troy, Alabama to plan the National Convention. During these days, we all toured the campus, discussed the entire schedule, and reviewed the bylaws.

On Oct. 14 all national office ascended on the campus of Troy University for all intensive tour including the dorms, auditorium, and Certamen rooms. During the tour, the national officers were discussing with the Alabama delegation the plans for the scavenger hunt and also a lip sync competition. The tour was an invaluable experience for the whole committee and

the officers to see the campus which they will be running for a week.

Oct. 15th, everyone went to a day-long meeting where the schedule and rules were discussed. The officers presented their ideas for dance and spirit themes and those were voted on and passed. Also in this meeting, the committee decide to have spring planning meet in Boston, Massachuttes. Then the committee adjourned, marking the end of fall planning

By: Angela Kubicke


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