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This year MassJCL began our JCL year on Oct. 22, 2016 with out Kick-off event at Mt. Greylock Regional High School in Williamstown, MA. JCLers gathered to paint pumpkins, play Certamen, and launch catapults on the field outside. In addition to our activities, the MassJCL Board put together the Harry Potter Berkshire Bowl. Four brave JCLers took on their teachers to test their knowledge of the Classics and all things Harry Potter. Spoiler alert: the JCLers won!

Shortly after Kickoff, MassJCL hosted our second annual Praetoria at the College of the Holy Cross. This event was held to help with the organization and operation of local chapters. This event was also held to inspire more JClers to run for state office at State Convention. This event was a success.

MassJCL also recently held our annual Classics Day at Boston University on Dec. 1, 2016. It was attended by over 800 students and teachers from all across the state of Massachusetts. This year students learned about Ancient Roman Entertainment. We had many professors, teachers, and college students come to the event to share their knowledge of specific aspects of Roman Entertainment. One of the favorite presentations was by former NJCL Second Vice President Hanna Seariac who presented Wine and Dine in Rome. After a morning of informative and interesting presentations, MassJCLers enjoyed lunch and watched our annual Classics Day skit contest. We had some amazing skits. The standout skit was performed by the Fowler School who entertained the entire auditorium and received the most laughs.

MassJCL has had an eventful fall. In the coming months JCLers will be competing at various Certamen competitions around the State. Most importantly, we are looking forward to our annual State Convention in April!

Shreya Murthy MAJCL Editor


Maine had their Fall Convention on November 4, with a board game theme. We were excited to have the National Torch Editor, Angela Kubicke join us for the festivities! There was a group of about 300 kids, all toga-wearing, and ready to do some spirit. Not to mention participating in some friendly certamen and test-taking. Maine may be small, but they do get loud! Recently, a majority of the schools within Maine held their annual Saturnalia celebrations which are always a good opportunity to both hang out with your Latin friends, and celebrate like the Romans did.

Emma McAnirlin MEJCL Editor


Salvete amici!

Louisiana JCL has been quite busy since national convention! In October, we kicked off the year at a successful Fall Forum hosted at St. Joseph's Academy with games, colloquia, certamen, and Olympika. Then LJCL geared up for a busy winter season. Hosting classics-lovers from around the state, Baton Rouge Magnet High School held its annual Saturnalia celebration in early December. Now, the state is very excited for a new upcoming event- certamen tournaments! For the first time ever and beginning in January, Louisiana will have three regional certamen tournaments: one in North Louisiana, one in Baton Rouge, and one in New Orleans. We hope this new event will allow more chapters than ever to get involved in JCL at a more local level. Following these tournaments, state convention will be just around the corner, and everyone here is very excited! Valete!

Jade Woods LAJCL Editor


The Wisconsin Junior Classical League has been hard at work since nationals. Local chapters have taken classically-themed field trips, held fundraisers, done service work, promoted the classics in their communities, and hosted events for their Latin clubs. Additionally, the Wisconsin Certamen program is alive and well, as exemplified by WJCL teams’ excellent performance at the Yale Invitational in November. In a field including schools from across the country, Wisconsin teams made the semifinals at each level, and one took first place in the advanced division. Currently, the WJCL is eagerly anticipating state convention, which will occur in Madison from January 26th to 28th. Hundreds of delegates will compete in graphic and creative arts, academics, Certamen, and spirit; candidates will vie for nine positions on the WJCL board. Wisconsin has had an incredible 2016, and we look forward to reuniting at state convention!

Attention Editors: The state reports for the Spring issue will be due on Friday, March 10


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