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Secretaries and Webmasters Facebook group, quintupling the number of members, posting all CoCo updates, and hosting semi-regular discussions. I have also been sure to increase email communication between both local and state CoCos/Secretaries/Webmasters to encourage participation in the Website Contest, keep them informed, and to stay in contact. That’s far from it, though, and I’m excited for what this new year brings

Shay Pezzulo

NJCL Communication Coordinator 2016-2017

I actually started high school not even taking a Latin course. I really only switched over to one a week before school started because a lot of my friends were in the class. From there, well, I went to my first state convention and the rest is history. I've definitely become more open through the JCL. I remember being a shy freshman at my first convention, but since I've opened up as a person, and made friends all over the country.

The JCL really is special in that regard.

From August up through October, I worked mainly on the Chapter Handbook, Constitution, and Bylaws. This started with integrating all of the bylaw amendments approved at convention into the Bylaws and Chapter Handbook. Next, at Fall Planning Meeting, I submitted two bylaw amendments (which both passed), and along with Mr. Webb submitted 13 amendments to the Chapter Handbook. Afterwards, I integrated all of the new Chapter Handbook amendments. Since November, I've mainly been focused on the 2017 elections, from contacting candidates in several states, and writing the Campaign Corner, which will be out in soon.

Ram Gollapudy

NJCL Parliamentian 2016-2017

I first joined the Junior Classical League in ninth grade (mostly so that I could hang out with my friends at state convention). What started out as a throwaway club quickly became something more. I enjoyed Latin in school and so naturally, I began to warm up to the JCL. I loved the wide ranging activities I could try at conventions, but more than anything, I fell in love with the JCL because of its people. Through JCL conventions, I was able to meet people from around the country who despite their diverse backgrounds, goals, and outlooks, were all united by a love of the classics. Meeting these people helped me see new perspectives and form life-long friendships.

Since taking office, I’ve had my hands full with many different things. One of the first things I did was to create a historian email list that included state and local JCL historians. I talked with presidents from other states and personally contacted historians in order to gather contact information. Next, I worked to establish an NJCL Photo of the Month (POTM) contest, which involved getting rules approved, drafting up flyers, and laying down the groundwork for the POTM submission process. I’ve been running the POTM contest ever since. I have also been putting together the new photo submission process on Flickr groups. I created a new NJCL historian Flickr account to manage the group and finished up a flyer detailing how to submit photos.

Eric Wang

NJCL Historian 2016-2017

From Shy to Fly

Finding a Common Ground

Editing to the Future

In eighth grade, I was presented with the opportunity to join and being in latin for the past year I decide to join on a whim. In the end, I ended up really enjoying the JCL and the rest is history.

As your editor, I have been working on this issue of the Torch and also evaluating the publications that are sent to me as well as the social media submissions.

Until Next Time,

Angela Kubicke

Editor 2016-2017


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