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family and community I found with the people of all ages that are able to come together to celebrate the Classics.

It’s been a crazy five months as NJCL 1st vice president. My main foci of these few months have been working with Mr. Little and Ms. Sturgill on a new JCL pamphlet and working with Trini on the National Classics Week packet. I have hopes of getting these finished as soon as possible. Along with these two objectives, I have written the first of many letters I hope to send to famous people who have studied or advocated for the classics.

E Corde,

Emmalee Volk

NJCL First Vice President 2016-2017

Having joined the Junior Classical League as a mere seventh grader, I was thrown, without any backstory or justification, into the traditions of an organization much older than I—a JCL creed and song, mass toga-wearing, and fifteen minutes of synchronized screaming. Many say spirit is but one fun convention activity among many. It is. But many also overlook the importance it carries.

Throughout my participation, listening to JCLers talk about the Classics with their sheer amount of enthusiasm, I realized it is about much more than tradition or even ancient civilizations. It is about the community the Classics fosters in the modern world—one whose members convene for a week every summer to take tests and listen to lectures and cheer our hearts out in the hopes that somehow the long-gone kings and consuls will hear us.

Now, as NJCL Second Vice President, I want to speak (in the emotional sense) to the individual persons of the organization, to ignite the proverbial flame within each one of them, and, perhaps, to give those seventh graders a reason to uphold the liveliness of the JCL and the immortality of the Classics.

During the five months that I served thus far as Second Vice President, I have created a Monthly Service Project packet with a theme and three

Sprititly Inspired

During the five months that I served thus far as Second Vice President, I have created a Monthly Service Project packet with a theme and three service project ideas for each month of the school year. It includes an explanation of what the Monthly Service Project is really all about and how local chapters can make the most of the events that they hold. Apart from the packet, I created the Club of the Month forms for the whole school year, publicizing the contest on Facebook and via email. Later at the Fall Planning Meeting, I finalized dance and spirit themes for national convention at Troy University and released them in November. Additionally, our First Vice President Emmalee and I decided on a theme for National Classics Week in April, for which we recorded a promotional video at the Fall Planning Meeting in October. Lastly, I just wanted to say that I have been having an amazing time serving for the NJCL these past few months and am super excited for all that I have yet to do!

Ab imo pectore,

Trini Kechkian

NJCL Sencond Vice President 2016-2017

I first joined JCL as a sixth grader; seven years later, it was probably one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve met some of the most wonderful and talented people through the JCL, and I’ll always be grateful for what this organization has motivated me to do. Cheesy, I know, but I really really love y’all.

The first half of my term as your NJCL Communications Coordinator has been absolutely amazing! I've had the opportunity to work with the other officers by building their Officer Profiles for, and, of course, at Fall Planning Meeting to figure out our year and record our NCW video. Throughout these months, after many back-and-forth conversations with Ms. Fillion and Mrs. Vasquez, we were able to both heavily revise the Website Contest rubric and add a standardized criteria for currency points as well. In addition, I've revived the JCL Secretaries and Webmasters Facebook group, quintupling the number of members, posting all CoCo updates, and hosting semi-regular discussions. I have also been sure to increase email communication between both local and state CoCos/Secretaries/Webmasters to encourage participation in the Website Contest, keep them informed, and to stay in contact. That’s far from it, though, and I’m excited for what this new year brings

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