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My journey with the JCL began in sixth grade, when I started going to regional and state conventions through the TSJCL. These conventions exposed me to an energy I had never before witnessed, and prompted me to attend my first national convention in 2012. I was blown away by the convention attendees, who embodied a sense of fearlessness and acceptance that I later learned was a foundational part of the JCL as a whole. They were celebrating what they loved together in a community that shared and supported that unbridled, nerdy excitement. To a shy, 12-year-old girl, this type of environment was new and invigorating. I soon joined in and was hooked, relishing the freedom that this community provided to be myself, be silly, and be passionate. Through the National Junior Classical League, I’ve developed a greater confidence, sense of self, and a community of close friends bound by a shared love of the Classics. Each friend I’ve made through the JCL has been a unique and cherished source of inspiration for me, and a loyal and true companion. For proof, I need only look at my friendships through the TSJCL that have continued long after I left for New Hampshire, the relationships I’ve formed with the members of the NHJCL, and the connections I’ve developed at the national convention. The JCL is a home.

It has been a great pleasure these past few months to serve as your NJCL President. The entire National Board has been working hard to give you the best JCL experience possible.

In a way, I have always felt like I was involved in the JCL. As a young child, I attended JCL movie nights and Saturnalia alongside my dad. When I was finally able to take a language, I knew I wanted it to be Latin, and I knew I wanted to join the JCL. I ultimately joined the JCL because of the family and community I found with the people of all ages that are able to come together to celebrate the Classics.

Family Tradition

family and community I found with the people of all ages that are able to come together to celebrate the Classics.

It’s been a crazy five months as NJCL 1st vice president. My main foci of these few months have been working with Mr. Little and Ms. Sturgill on a new JCL pamphlet and working with Trini on the national classics week packet. I have hopes of getting these finished as soon as possible. Along with these two objectives, I have written the first of many letters I hope to send to famous people who have studied or advocated for the classics.

E Corde,

Emmalee Volk

NJCL Vice President 2016-2017

Friendships Made

Since July, I have striven to ensure that positive experience by making certain that everything amongst the officers is going smoothly. I’ve organized Skype meetings so we can catch up and all be on the same page. Another important duty was preparing for and organizing the Fall Planning Meeting in October. It was very exciting to create an agenda for the meeting, but not nearly as exciting as the event itself. Troy University is an amazing location for the NJCL Convention, as we all saw on our tours of the campus. Additionally, the schedule for the convention is looking great, and we’ve made sure to include fun and interesting events for y’all, as usual. Since the Fall Planning Meeting, I’ve also been working on the NJCL Packet Award, which should be available for y’all shortly! Keep an eye out, and be sure to apply if you’re interested. Can’t wait to see y’all next summer!

E corde,

Lyle Seeligson

NJCL President 2016-2017


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