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Junior Classical League Directory

NJCL Officers 2016-2017

President Lyle Seeligson

First Vice President Emmalee Volk

Second Vice President Trinidad Kechkian

Communications Coordinator Shay Pezzulo

Parliamentarian Ram Gollapudy

Historian Eric Wang

Editor Angela Kubicke

NSCL Officers 2016-2017

President Bob McDonald

Vice President Elliott Rebello

Secretary Jack Godar

Treasurer Heather Smith

Parliamentarian Ake Kankirawatana

Editor Trace Turner

Historian Sydney Higa

National Comittiee 2016-2017

Chair, Public Relations/Membership Catherine Sturgill

Vice Chair, Contests, Academics David Jackson

Secretary, Communications Dobbie Vasquez

Constitutional Advisor Dennis Webb

Contests, Certamen William Lee

Contests, Creative Arts Seth Knowles

Contests, Digital Generosa Sangco-Jackson

Contests, Graphic Arts Melissa Burgess

Contests, Olympika/SCL Kyle McGimsey

Convention Advisor Sue Robertson

Programs/Scholastic Services Sherry Jankowski

Publications Caitlin Johnston

Administrator/Ex-Officio Sherwin Little

860 NW Washington Boulevard, Suite A Hamilton, OH 45013

(513) 529-7741 • fax (513) 529-7742 •


Winter 2016-2017 Torch U.S

Dreaming of Dixie

Ever wonder the president's favorite iced tea is or the how the CoCo feels about raisins? Wonder no more! Get to know the national officers better in the officer profiles. While the officers are working hard on the first convention at Troy University in Alabama, they are also dreaming up ideal vacations and hoping that you all will join them in Alabama this summer. Check out the officer profiles starting on page 10.

Do as the Romans

Throw on your toga and grab your sword and uncover the world of reenacting. Take latin anywhere in the world when you reenact the actions of the ancient Romans. Learning about the Romans has just been taken to the next level emerging yourself in the complete experience of creating all your clothing and cooking all your food like the Romans did. Be like a Roman and turn to page 14.

Torch:U.S. Policy

The Torch:U.S. is published four times yearly as the official magazine of the National Junior Classical League. Issues are published in fall, winter, spring, and summer. The ideas expressed in the Opinion section are the comments of the Torch:U.S. and its staff and should not necessarily be considered the policy of the National Junior Classical League, its officers, or the National Committee. Readers are encouraged to express their opinions on any subject relevant to the classics or JCL in the Voices Section. Your name and address or title must be included with your submission. All names will be published. Submissions may be sent to the editor or the advisor (see addresses to the left).

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