Torch: U.S. Winter 2016-2017 - Page 12

Shay Pezzulo

Communication Coordinator

State: CT

What is your favorite thing about your state?

The diversity in Hartford is amazing.

Dream Vacation: East Asia, especially rural China and Seoul.

Favorite Olympic event: Skiing and volleyball.

Raisins or nah: Only in oatmeal raisin cookies.

Favorite Arizona Iced Tea: Peach tea is the best, hands down.

Ram Gollapudy


State: WI

Favorite thing about your state?

The Packers. Most world championships out of every team.

Dream Vacation: Japan. Thankfully I'm going this year!

Favorite Olympic event: Fencing.

Raisins or nah Chocolate - covered raisins are pretty solid.

Favorite Arizona Iced Tea: Arnold Palmer

Eric Wang


State: Gerogia

Favorite thing about your state?

The mild winters

Dream Vaction:Photography Excursion to Yellowstone

Favorite Olympic event: Fencing

Raisins or nah? Nah?

Favorite Arizona Iced Tea? Fruit punch


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