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Above: JCLers at Crown Point High School in Indiana celebrate Indiana Latin Week.


Since this winter, the TSJCL has eagerly been preparing for its state and area conventions.

Despite unexpectedly cold Texas weather in January, the TSJCL board gathered in San Antonio to finalize plans for its state convention. The state convention will be held in Amarillo from March 27-28 and is expected to have thousands of Latin students in attendance. Meanwhile, in late winter, the TSJCL enjoyed its five area conventions across Texas. At these area conventions, hundreds of JCLers warmed up for a wonderful season of celebrating the classics.

Gabby Sagun, Texas JCL Editor


On April 11, New Hampshire JCL will host its first state forum. Last year, Nicholas Unger assumed the role of state chairperson, and he is now organizing the event to take place at Phillips Exeter Academy, where he teaches the classics.

This Forum will have three themes: Agon (Contests), Paideia (Education), and Philia (fellowship). There will be typical contests such as Certamen and literature, mythology, art, and culture tests. However, there will also be athletic contests where students can race chariots or engage in gladiatorial fights (with foam swords provided).

Educational topics will include a lecture on Roman daily life by Professor R. Scott Smith of the University of New Hampshire and a coin workshop where students will analyze real Roman coins.

Given the freshness of the New Hampshire chapter, it still lacks both a motto and consuls. During fellowship, participating schools in New Hampshire will select a delegate to run for consulship, and the elected consuls will help organize the state chapter’s trip to Texas for the NJCL convention. In addition to electing consuls, delegates from the participating schools will also vote on a state motto.

The forum marks history for New Hampshire JCL. A state chapter will allow classics students from all over New Hampshire to congregate and share their love for Latin.

Kofi Ansong, New Hampshire JCLer


It’s been almost a month since we had our KJCL state convention, but spirits are still high. Reminiscing on convention brings back memories of Cartamen, Ludi, and, of course, vigorous spirit competitions. The weekend was full of amazing moments, so here is a little recap.

The weekend started out just like before with 400+ Latin loving kids piled into the Holiday Inn in Erlanger, Kentucky, but as the weekend progressed we saw some changes from the years before, other than the location.

Former KJCL Second Vice President Libby Califf introduced the Service Stick this past convention. Similar to the Spirit Stick, the Service Stick is a table leg awarded to the delegation who performs the most service and kindness throughout the year. This year, the service stick went to Louisville Classical Academy for their countless hours volunteering. The idea behind the Service Stick was to promote the true spirit of the JCL and show the world just how great and undead Latin truly is.

Holly Blades, Kentucky JCL Editor

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In November 2014, the Indiana Junior Classical League held its 37th Annual Fall

Latin Day at North Central High School in

Indianapolis. The day consisted of workshops with the state officers, Latin-related games and activities, and a Roman military demonstration by North Central Latin teacher Steve Perkins as solider Gaius Crastinus.

Indiana Latin Week took place Jan. 25-31, with several chapters participating in classical-themed art activities. We held a statewide Certamen invitational in January and we will have another in February.

The Indiana JCL is also looking ahead to its 62nd annual State Convention, which, as usual, will take place on the weekend of the Ides of March.

Mary Piper,

Indiana JCL Editor