Torch: U.S. Volume LXIV Spring 2015 - Page 14

A Letter from the Virginia 1st VP

Ave! From 2013-2014 I was the Virginia JCL First Vice President. Holding this position was a dream come true for me because I want to give to Latin what it’s given to me.

I began my term by recreating the student website in Google Sites so that it would be more accessible to future officers; this also enhanced the website’s offerings to include polls and presentations for Virginia’s JCLers. For Classics Week, I attained a proclamation from Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe and distributed it to all the VJCL chapters. Before NJCL convention, I created a template from the publicity rubric to assist chapters in creating their publicity entries.

During the summer, I was able to hold the VJCL’s first Toga Day at Busch Gardens. This event showed publicly the spirit of the Classics and helped JCLers get to know one another. In the fall, I organized and hosted the second ever VJCL Olympika & Ludi at Riverbend High School, featuring sports, field events, and indoor board games. The distinguishing characteristic of this event is that there were over 50 attendees! JCLers from across Virginia attended the games and the VJCL Fall Board Meeting.

At the end of my term, I sent out 200+ letters, brochures, and surveys about JCL to schools in Virginia that taught Latin, but were not a part of the VJCL. The subsequent 2014 VJCL convention had over 2000 delegates—the largest we've ever had! Also for this convention I created the first VJCL convention app through Yapp, which included the schedule, maps, the JCL creed and song, and event details. I’m honored that I could serve JCL and I’m happy to help anybody wondering about promoting Latin.

Grace McIntire

A Letter from the Kentucky 1st VP

Salvete! I am Robby Allen, your recently retired Kentucky Junior Classical League 2014-2015 First Vice President (and President for a short but totally legitimate stint. It's a complicated KJCL thing—everything here is a family affair). I have been asked to talk about some projects I took on during my term.

The most important role of the First Vice President is to publicize JCL and our classical heritage. To do this, I resumed my role as local First VP and advertised my local chapter through sidewalk chalk art and collaboration with local businesses to fundraise. As a beginner state officer, I connected with KJCLers on social media in the hopes of spurring them into advertising their own chapters and to get more involved with the League at large—I have learned that connection is key to being a successful First Vice President. This kept me in close contact with my fellow officers across the state since my influence reached more closely to them, and we often synthesized our jobs for the mutual benefit, often submitting features concerning publicity to Ruthie Dworin, our Editor.

I was particularly active during National Classics Week, it being the greatest week to get out there and rock what we stand for. Soon enough, Nationals approached and our President, Jason Grout, left me in charge while he was away at summer camp. I made sure to organize all pre-Nats events and attend them. Then at NJCL, with the advice of NJCL First Vice President Maya Nandakumar, I knew it was time for me to spiritually revert into a bowl of cereal and make "care packages" to prospective Latin classes. I found a dozen or so through the stalkerish intuition found

NJCL Publicity:

Updates and New Ideas

Above: Virginia JCL's Olympika Day.


Below: KJCL opening their website at the Apple Store.

Above: A KJCL Toga Snowman