Torch: U.S. Volume LXIV Spring 2015 - Page 11


CONVENTION PREVIEW · Torch:U.S. · Spring, 2015

Above: A mini sculpture garden in the center of Trinity campus. You're sure to pass by it if you come to convention.

Above: Brick buildings with a modern, glass flair characterize Trinity architecture. Even the bathrooms have brick walls!

Academic Tests

With all this fun going on, we have to step back and remember we are at convention because we take Latin or Greek. What better way to do it than by taking a crack at some academic tests? These multiple-choice exams are spread across daily tests sessions and cover every field of the classics, from Greek literature to Roman life. Plus, they start easy and gradually get harder to encourage everyone to try something new.

Graphic Arts

At convention, some of the people admired most are the graphics arts competitors because they take our mind’s image of the ancient world and bring it to life. There is a category for every type of art! The White Booklet has strict, but exhaustive, rules on every form of art and what limitations there are to submit a piece for a contest. Competitors have to transport their works to convention, but it pays dividends, whether in ribbons or praises at art viewing.

Creative Arts

For JCLers whose artistic sides lie closer to theater or speech and debate, the creative arts contests are a source of ribbons. They can make costumes representing this year’s mythological figures (Phaethon for boys, Circe for girls, and Aphrodite and Hephaestus for couples) or memorize and recite a short Latin passage for Dramatic Interpretation or Latin Oratory. Perhaps the most popular creative arts event is Sight Reading, which tests skills in Latin pronunciation. There’s also the Essay Contest, where one argues a stance with examples from classical literature and history…in English. These last two events don’t require any preparation, so take the opportunity to get feedback on your work and maybe win a ribbon or two!