Torch: U.S. Volume LXIV Spring 2015 - Page 10

competitive version of Certamen. Or, SCLers and teachers craving the same competitive flair in their Latin life can form a World Series team and compete against fellow post-JCLers.

Olympika and Ludi

The buzzer finger isn’t the only muscle trained at convention! Celebrating the classical tradition of physical, Olympian prowess, convention offers several athletic contests in track and field and swimming. The Trinity campus features a large outdoor pool that will be the perfect temperature in July. Plus, Ludi, even though it doesn’t count towards sweepstakes, attracts many competitive players for gym games like kickball and basketball.

National Office

Being an NJCL officer is a wonderful way to get to know about how NJCL works and give back to the organization that has shaped many a JCLer's life. But, in order to choose officers, there are elections. Candidates must give speeches and answer impromptu questions at Open Forum and Meet the Candidates before each state casts its ballot. This might sound scary, but if you are a dedicated JCLer, feel free to give it a try. Just being a candidate gives you the opportunity to meet new people and network better at convention.


Above: The Trinity outdoor pool where Olympika swimming will be held.

Above: An outdoor courtyard on Trinity campus where Meet the Candidates will happen (if weather permits).

Above: Athletic fields on the Trinity campus where Ludi and Olympika will be held.

Above: A mural in the library, where Ludi chess will be held. It depicts Augustus!