Torch: U.S. LXXI Spring 2022 | Page 3

by Emma Canga

NJCL Editor 2021-2022

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR · Spring 2022 · Torch: U.S.


Salvete, plurimum! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful new year! The past few years have been quite difficult with the global pandemic, but it seems to be lightening up as we enter 2022. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this edition! From sponsors, student delegates, to SCLers, I cannot thank you enough for showing your support to the Torch: U.S. during this time. To provide an accessory anecdote, I was rock climbing after school on February 1st and happened to check the Google Forms for Torch submissions before leaving the gym. When I clicked I saw not one, not two, but a whole nine state updates, I screamed. Your participation truly does mean the world to us. It has been more than a pleasure to get to know you all through GroupMe, email, and more.

As we move forward, I hope you all have fun reading this edition. For the first time, JCL Jokes will appear in the Torch: U.S! Thank you to those who submitted these wonderful and publishable memes to share with the JCL. I even included one of my own handcrafted memes, so see if you can catch the reference. 

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow officers and the national committee members for providing so much support throughout my term so far. I was beyond excited to meet many of you in person and can’t wait to reunite at nationals. From Deano’s Pizza to Carpe Diem, the JCL is more than ready for our first in-person convention since Fargo, North Dakota!

Stay warm, everyone! For a Wisconsinite, it was shockingly cold in Louisiana, but the summer weather has more in stock for us.