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Spring 2022 · Torch: U.S. · ADVERTISEMENTS

With the school year kicking off, my Latin club at Brentwood High School in Tennessee has played many fun, new games that I want to share with other NJCLers! Introducing the JCL Activities Manual, a handy dandy collection of Latin club activities from our school to yours. As the year progresses, I plan to add additional games, service project ideas, and more for y’all to use ☺.

But the sharing doesn’t stop there… in order to make this tool the best it can be, I need your help! Has your Latin club done any fun activities recently or in the past? Do you have any ideas you would like to share with your fellow JCLers? Visit our TJCL website or use THIS LINK to fill out a quick Google form to submit to the activities manual! Check out the manual for ideas, and share any that you have! Feel free to email [email protected] for any questions.

by TJCL Historian Jesse Cai

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Vergil wants YOU to save the bees!

by Maya Lynn McMullen, Texas SCL

Spring 2022 · Torch: U.S. · EXERCISE & GAMES: PILA



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