Torch: U.S. LXVIII Winter 2018 - Page 6

In the months of August, September, and the beginning of October, I have devoted much of my time working on amendments to the Constitution and the Chapter Handbook with Mr. Webb. We proposed these same amendments to the NJCL Executive Board at the Fall Planning Meeting and will propose a few more at Spring Planning Meeting. After Fall Planning Meeting, my main focus is completing the Campaign Corner come the new year, which has a variety of campaign tips from your national officers and information about running for an NJCL office, and recruiting candidates for next year’s election. Well...since the topic was brought up...

Don’t just run, sprint for an NJCL office! Don’t let the idea of “sprinting” for national office intimidate you. It is an amazing experience that is sure to leave you in awe of the niceties and support of your fellow JCLers. If you love JCL and have attended a national convention, feel free to email me if you have any questions about “sprinting” for an NJCL office. I encourage you to email any of the national officers if you have any questions about a specific office. We are here for you! My email is

Layla Fistos

2018-2019 NJCL Parliamentarian




Back in 8th grade, a good friend of mine told me she attended a Latin Club meeting, and I was instantly curious. What did people do involving Latin after school? I was skeptical. However, that doubt soon melted away after being convinced to join by my Latin teacher, and attending my very first state convention. I was amazed by the diversity of students and competitions offered, and beyond all, the friendships I formed that weekend. I consider myself to be a very nostalgic person, so it’s no wonder my desire to document, photograph, and remember my experiences inspired me to run for office. What I hope to do as national historian still reflects that same passion.

So far this year, I’ve started up the Photo of the Month contest, received submissions, and decided the winner for September. While circulating a few projects and announcements on the JCL Historians Facebook page, I am also working to grow an email list to share information. I am beyond excited to see where the JCL goes this year and to collect all the memories made along the way!


Jesse Hogan

2018-2019 NJCL Historian