Torch: U.S. LXVIII Winter 2018 - Page 19

Salvete omnes!

We’re excited to be hosting nationals this year. Besides working on the logistics of State Convention and Nationals, the North Dakota Junior Classical League has had two state events so far.

In late September, NDJCL hosted its first event at Skate City, a local roller skating rink. The idea was to kick off another year of JCL with a fun social. In the structure of Julius Caesar, we talked, we skated, we had a great time.

For the month of October we celebrated the spooky season with a Halloween party. While it was originally a local event, the State board collaborated with local officers to have the party at a central location so that it would be accessible to more chapters. At the party, there was lots of snacks and socializing (of course). We played Pin the Bulla on Sextus, dodgeball, and ended the night with voting for best costume in different categories.

In order to boost event participation, we will be having a raffle drawing at State Convention. The more State events that a JCLer attends, the greater chance that person has of winning a prize. All in all, we’re looking forward to spreading even more JCLove than before!

Below: Georgia's Hostess candidates at Fall Forum adorning togas

Photo: Jason Juang, GJCL Historian

Above: JCLers smiling together at the Halloween party



This year's LJCL Fall Forum was held at the Providence Classical Academy in Bossier City. Delegates from all over Louisiana, new and old, drove up to participate in the first statewide event of the year. Although a certain delegation from Baton Rouge along with two state chairs arrived on scene much later than they had anticipated because they had accidentally taken a trip to Texas (and another had an unfortunate incident upon their journey which involved a flat tire and some fire ants), the event ended up going rather smoothly and we all had a great time. We held a Certamen tournament, an impromptu art competition, officer's colloquia for those interested in running for state office, and concluded the busy yet exciting day with a general assembly where we announced the winners of the competitions, and awarded some rather uniquely JCL prizes and gift cards. Our canned food drive showed great results, collecting all together 2197 cans which will be donated to food banks benefiting the homeless. In addition to these activities, we also hosted several Olympika events, including a cupcake walk, ringtoss, tug-of-war, nine square, ultimate frisbee, gaga ball, and noodle tag. All in all, Fall Forum this year was a great success, and we hope to see even more of you at this event again next year! Special thanks to PCA for hosting the event, and to the LSCL for lending us a hand!