Torch: U.S. LXVIII Winter 2018 - Page 10




Anika Park

"Fall Planning was such an amazing experience and I owe it all to my lovely officers for being so patient and hard working throughout everything!"

-Natasha Panduwawala 2018-2019 NJCL President

“Fall planning meeting intensified my excitement for the national convention. This year’s board has worked so hard to make it unique and memorable, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on going.”

-Michaela Phan

2018-2019 NJCL 2nd Vice President

"Fall planning was our first opportunity to work together as a board. We got a lot of work done and had fun getting to know each other and are all looking forward to spring planning!"

-Natalie Hilderbrand

2018-2019 NJCL Communications Coordinator

he NJCL officers reluctantly tossed their fluffy coats and parkas

onto the sidewalk and huddled hastily for a nice picture. Although the lighting was almost golden-hour quality, they could barely keep their eyes open for more than two seconds against the harsh sunlight. But, the cold weather and blinding rays couldn't keep them from having a good time at the annual Fall Planning Meeting.

From October 11th to 14th, the NJCL Committee, officers, and the NSCL President and Vice President gathered in the quiet city of Fargo, North Dakota for their Fall Planning Meeting. The first reunion was all bright smiles and enthusiastic hugs; once the meetings began, everyone switched on their "business mode." They worked for hours at a time reviewing every component of last year's convention to the finest detail and proposing ways to make this year's even better. The officers also split off for their own meetings where they decided on next year's daily spirit and dance themes. Amidst discussions of new colloquias and individual officer reports, the few snack and meal breaks were the sweetest. The officers' sighs of relief when the adults brought in Oreos and gummy bears were almost audible.

The campus tours were enjoyable as well. While chattering from the icy breeze, the officers couldn't help but occasionally point out the beautiful buildings and scenery of North Dakota State University. Walking through the empty stands of the Fargodome, they raved about how they could practically hear individual states' cheers echoing through the immense stadium already. Perhaps what pleased the committee and officers most was the coffee shop in the dining hall. They were so pleased that the officers ran a few minutes late to their meeting as they attempted to chug their hot apple ciders and lattes.

Fall Planning Meeting was a great experience for everyone in the committee and the officers; not only did they receive an special preview of next year's convention but they also were able to reconvene and get to know their colleagues even better. Despite the few times the officers will meet throughout the year, their teamwork and dynamic has already proven to be one-of-a-kind. Everyone's excitement for 2019 NJCL convention was only heightened after the meeting, and the committee and officers are all looking forward to sharing the output of their hardwork with all the JCLers next year.


2018-2019 NJCL EDITOR