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Above: An FJCLer from Region II participates in Regionals ludi! Photo: Meredith Kendall.

Above: Massachusetts Students perform their skits at Classics Day. Photo: Jesse Hogan.


The GJCL committee and executive officer board have been working hard to make this year’s state convention the best it can be. Although it’s still almost two months away, it’s never too early to start preparing! One thing that makes this convention even more unique is the attendance of Lynn Ahrens, the national Communications Coordinator, who’ll fly down all the way from Ohio. This is the first time a non-Georgian is attending our state convention, and it’s so special because it could redefine what it means to share a JCL experience. Many GJCLers would be able to meet someone who has seen different perspectives of the JCL on a larger scale. Likewise, to share the GJCL’s own flair at convention seems almost symbolic of what the JCL represents. The GJCL can’t wait for these next two months to fly by.

Anika Park, Georgia JCL Editor


Since our last update, Louisiana's JCL has been hard at work. After Baton Rouge Magnet High School hosted its annual Saturnalia festival for all JCLers, the LJCL State Board began setting up conditions for our Spring Invitational Certamen tournaments. Finally, everyone is now hard at work gathering candidates for office, updating contest information, and all-around preparing for LJCL's State convention in March.

Alex Morgan, Louisiana JCL Editor


Despite our onslaught of snow days and wintery weather, Massachusetts has maintained a steady and successful course towards our oncoming State Convention in the spring! Last December, we hosted Classics Day at Boston University. Students had the opportunity to attend multiple workshops, ranging from political theatre in the ancient world to the importance of bees. Afterwards, students performed sketches related to theatre. Barnstable JCL stole the show with a High School Musical inspired performance all about JCL,.

Local schools have been quite active with a plethora of events. Mount Greylock recently hosted a Greek Fair for seventh graders, while Rising Tide put on a trivia night to fundraise for State Convention. Our state parliamentarian, Carina Layfield, has been producing videos of each state position to encourage students to run for MassJCL office. MassJCL Historian Jesse Hogan won January’s Photo of the Month with a picture from Classics Day, and lastly MassJCL Second Vice President Tamsin Edwards has started her book drive initiative in partnership with Reach Out and Read.

We look forward to spreading the JCLove throughout 2018. Gratias omnes!

Jacob Hane, Massachusetts JCL Editor

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