Torch: U.S. LXVII Spring 2018 - Page 5

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Staying Together with Photos

It's me again, your national Historian. Before I catch you all up on what I've been up to so far in 2018,

I'd like to just remind you all how important it is to send your JCL pictures to your State Historians!

My goal for this year is to get an equal representation of all JCL chapters, regardless of state size, and I can't do this without your help! And for you State Historians... please keep adding pictures to your state Flickrs! I love seeing what you all have been up to, and more importantly, I love having lots of content to work with ;)

As for me, my main projects for at this time of year are running the POTM contest and collecting content from you all! And as National Classics Week approaches, I've been getting more and more excited about all the fun things we have planned for you guys! I promise that it'll be a blast.


Ana Ohnersorgen

2017-2018 NJCL Historian

The Most Wonderful Time

Salvete amici! It's the most wonderful time of the year right now, and I am not referring to the holidays. It is Spring, the exciting season of state conventions, new elections, and new memories. Working on the Spring Torch:U.S. has been an absolute pleasure as I have worked to reflect the joy of our springtime JCL traditions. Since the release of the Winter Issue, I have been gathering updates from state editors (read them later in this issue!), collecting news for the State Spotlight section, and more.

Recently at Spring Planning Meeting, the rest of the NJCL officers and I have worked together in preparation for National Classics Week in April. I cannot wait for all of you to see what is in store!

In addition, I have been collecting submissions for the Publications Contest, so please consider submitting your state/local publication if you have not already done so! If you have any questions at all on how to enter the contest, please email me at I am so excited to see where the second half of my term as an officer brings me!

Jade Woods

2017-2018 NJCL Editor

Sit Back and Listen

In this podcast, hear from NJCL Editor Jade Woods and other officers about exciting happenings in the JCL.