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Spirit and Service Staying Strong

Amidst state conventions and the second half of the year, Spirit and Service within the NJCL are thriving.

With #JCLove featured in February and Club of the Month recognitions pouring in, there are plenty of extraordinary events and projects taking place this year, and the Junior Classical League is gearing up for an incredible 2018 National Classics Week. Stay tuned for how to get involved and keep a lookout for the official NCW packet featuring spirit, service, and the laudable labors of Hercules. I couldn’t be more excited for the second half of my term, accelerating into National Classics Week and making final preparations before seeing everyone this summer at the 2018 National Convention at Miami University, Ohio.

Collin Kane

2017-2018 NJCL Second Vice President

Hard at Work in the New Year

It’s been a pretty busy year so far leading up to Spring Planning Meeting! I’ve been holding

coding/design workshops, which have been really fun, about twice a month for local and state webmasters to help out with Currency submissions and website design .

Most recently, I’ve been pretty absorbed in reaching out to other officers, editing and designing an upcoming publication for JCL secretaries, webmasters and communications coordinators which provides advice for the next generation of officers, and creating a platform for open dialogue and learning from one another.

I’ve been super happy with the amount of submissions for the Currency portion of the website contest and am happy to announce the piloting of several new chapter websites! It’s amazing to see how common coding struggles can really bring a community of people together (lol). While not binging on the Good Doctor, I will be releasing this publication along with helping the other officers with layout design for the rest of the year! I’m really looking forward to seeing you all here in Ohio for the national convention that your officers have been really hard at work


Lynn Ahrens

2017-2018 NJCL Communications Coordinator

Thinking about Running for Office?

Since FPM, the officers and I have been hard at work recruiting candidates for national office. As of right now, I have only had one inquiry each for the positions of Historian and Editor. If you are interested in any of the seven positions, please reach out to any of the officers!

The Campaign Corner dropped in the beginning of the February, and it is a great resource filled with helpful advice from the current board and more information about the election process. If you’re interested in running or if you want to learn more about elections, go check it out at

Our goal this year is to have no states of emergency, so please prefile today! Feel free to contact me with any questions at

With JCLove,

Sarah J. Lee

2017-2018 NJCL Parliamentarian