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A President's Guide to the Galaxy

Over the past few months, I have been working on creating resources for future presidents at any level within the JCL. In my experience as president of the WJCL or the NJCL, it often takes time and a couple of mistakes to feel comfortable in one’s role and fully understand its responsibilities. To help future presidents learn the ropes more quickly and acclimate to their roles, I have started creating a President’s Guide to the Galaxy, a comprehensive review of what it means to be a president. The guide is divided into three parts that break down running meetings/facilitating discussions, planning a convention, and building a strong board dynamic. Recently, I reached out to state presidents to get their insight so that this guide can be as helpful as possible. In the coming months, I hope to complete the guide and continue working with the other officers to plan the 2018 National Convention. I am so excited to see you there!

Mark Bechthold

2017-2018 NJCL President

Looking Ahead to NCW

I hope you have all enjoyed a fantastic year and have had as much fun promoting the JCL and sharing our JCLove as I have. Throughout this winter, we on the National Board have been hard at work, gathering feedback from all you members of the JCL on how best to connect the National Office to the local chapters and working to design projects based on that feedback. In the next months, we are hoping to implement some of those plans to keep up a more steady stream of communication (emails, helpful documents on the website, updates, officer podcasts, etc.) to keep you all informed on our plans and projects. In particular, we will be hoping to release officer interviews and podcasts between myself and former National Officers to give everyone a picture and a sense of what being on the National Board entails.

With support from all throughout the JCL, fortunately, we have been able to put together a National Classics Week packet and a slate of activities that we hope you will be able to enjoy while promoting the JCL. Please keep an eye out for more information to follow regarding National Classics Week, the packet, and all other documents and info. Let’s make this NCW as fun, engaging, and spirited as possible!

Tim Han

2017-2018 NJCL First Vice President

Photo: Ryan Vinson.