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Nevada has been active and hard at work this fall and winter! In southern Nevada, we welcomed a new chapter from the American Preparatory Academy, which was also the site of our state convention on February 23-24! We also had the Southern Nevada Amici Pratis (Southern Nevada Friends at the Meadows) on October 14 at The Meadows School, and held our first Certamen tournament in years at Liberty High School on January 20.

In northern Nevada, Sage Ridge School held an informal Certamen event called Saturnalia Saturday. Two chapters attended. Middle schoolers played while high schoolers helped run the event. Part of the price of admission was at least one can of food for donation to the local food bank. The person who brought the most cans got an awesome prize. The event was a success for both attendance and donations.

Josh Ocampo, Triumvir , and Zoa Katok

New York

Our Fall Festival state convention/Certamen was held on November 4, 2017, at Pittsford Sutherland High School. East Aurora High School came in first place for the Advanced Certamen.

A meeting of state officers was held on February 25, where we planned the Spring Fling Certamen.

Lizzy Javor, NY State Consul


The Texas State Junior Classical League recently completed its five area conventions featuring legions of talented classical students from all reaches of Texas participating in myriad academic tests, competitive Certamen matches, and so much more. Along with plan and participate these gatherings, my fellow board members and I have also solidified plans for this year’s TSJCL state convention— something we are greatly looking forward to!

I would also like to acknowledge our Treasurer Karen

Valdez and Historian Emma Buechler, who due to unforeseen circumstances had to step down from their respective positions. Their dedication and passion to making the TSJCL the best it could be will not be forgotten, and we welcome our new appointments to the board.

To all of my fellow Texas JCLers — can’t wait to see you at State!

Spencer Allan, TSJCL Editor


The Virginia JCL has been busy since the last issue of the Torch: US! In January, we had the Flint Hill School Certamen, where we held a highly successful clothing drive. We also had our January board meeting at which we discussed feedback about the November Convention and NJCL plans. In February, we had the Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology Certamen, at which the officers held a bake sale sell-off to raise money for charities. The VJCL is looking forward to more Certamina and service projects, as well as the NJCL Convention!

Jocelyn Robertson, VJCL Editor


Salvete! The WJCL had an eventful winter. State convention occurred from January 25 to 27 at University of Wisconsin Madison. This year, we had many returning schools, of which a few greatly increased their number of attendees from previous years! Spirit was a success, with high-energy themes of Sesame Street and fairy tales. For service, the state donated socks to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and raised money for Heifer International through coin wars and officer auctions. The officer auctions, moreover, resulted in auction winners throwing pies at the state officers, fully displayed at the last general assembly Finally, our new state board was elected, comprised of officers filled with excitement for the coming year. The WJCL looks forward to seeing everyone at National Convention in July!

Victoria Toledo, WJCL Editor

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