Torch: U.S. LXVII Spring 2018 - Page 17

STATE SPOTLIGHT · Torch:U.S. · Spring 2018


State Spotlight: Virginia

What are some unique JCL traditions your state has?

Karuna Sinha, VJCL Secretary: Washington-Lee HS hosts a Disco Certamen annually to teach children the rules of Certamen in an environment with less stress than your typical Certamen. Children often end up on the floor laughing! It's a great learning experience for younger children who want to try Certamen but aren't sure of the rules or don’t know if it's for them. It’s also perfect for older students to practice moderating or scorekeeping. Each level’s questions are based on the appropriate NLE syllabus, so it's a fun and exciting way to learn and test your grammar, history, and geography knowledge in preparation for the test.

Describe a fun JCL service project in your state.

Adam Ashley, VJCL 2nd Vice President: At a recent VJCL Certamen, the officers did a twist on a conventional bake sale! Similarly to the Coin Wars competition that is held at many state conventions (as well as at the NJCL Convention), all of the officers chose different charities to sponsor. The officers, as well as some amazing VJCLers, brought in baked goods to sell on behalf of their charities. At the end of the event, the officer who sold the most baked goods received all of the funds to donate to their choice charity! This type of service project not only promotes friendly competition between the officers, but also gives VJCLers an opportunity to learn more about different charities and non-profit organizations!

Share some unique publicity ideas you have seen in your state that other states can try.

Amy George, VJCL 1st Vice President: Virginia JCL is currently working on a Toga Day at a local theme park, because what’s more conspicuous than a hundred kids in togas? It's going to be a ton of fun, people will DEFINITELY notice us, and we're going to get some awesome pictures. We're also going to run an affordable summer camp across the state this year for little kids. This will totally get the VJCL name out there, and it's a good way to increase participation :).

All photos by Mardy Kramer