Torch: U.S. LXVII Spring 2018 - Page 16

In February, the National Junior Classical League spread love far and wide amongst the interwebs. JClers from across the country posted and shared their favorite pictures featuring #JCLove throughout the 14th of submissions included friends from across the country and relationships created through the special community that is the NJCL. In addition to spreading the JCLove on personal accounts, individuals sent in captioned photo submissions to be featured on the NJCL Instagram (@nationaljcl).

With over 2,300 cumulative likes, these posts illustrated our community and family that stretches around the globe. Although we only get to meet all together once a year at national convention, this Valentine’s Day,we reminded one another that in fact our #JCLove endures year round. We must look forward to our fire and passion carrying us forward filled with #JCLove until we reconvene this summer at Miami University, Ohio.


Spring 2018 · Torch:U.S. · #JCLove

Posting the #JCLove


Top: "Lots of #JCLove coming from Mt. Greylock JCL in Massachusetts! Photo: Mt. Greylock JCL.

Bottom: "My #JCLove is Alicia from Virginia, the only certamen partner who can deal with my Caligula-crazy self." Photo: Abbie (VA).