Torch: U.S. LXVII Spring 2018 - Page 12


Spring 2018· Torch:U.S. · CONVENTION PREVIEW

Above: Pictures from across Miami University's campus. All photos: Jade Woods.


Calling all devoted competitors, all academic Olympians, all those with amazingly fast reflexes. Certamen, everyone's favorite quizbowl-style buzzer game, tests players' knowledge in a plethora of fields such as mythology, grammar, history, and comprehension. Open Certamen is also an option for anyone who desires a less competitive environment.

Academic Tests

What's more familiar to students than tests? Throughout the week at convention, delegates will have the chance to test their knowledge in quite a few areas of classical study. Take a chance – who knows? You might surprise yourself with how much you know!

Creative Arts

The curtain rises on another year of competitions such as Latin and English Oratory, the costume contest, Dramatic Interpretation, and Sight Latin Reading. Creative Arts test not only performance ability, but also language skills, such as in the Essay and Slogan contests.

Olympika and Ludi

After sitting in tests and Certamen, it's great to get and move! Compete in Olympika events like Swimming and Track and Field or sign up with friends to play Ludi Basketball, Volleyball, or even more. These events are a great times to build camaraderie with your JCL family.

Graphic Arts

Painting, drawing, sculpture, model, jewelry, and dolls are just a few of the categories in which students can display their artistic talent. Not an artist? Never fear! You can still enjoy the competition by viewing the awesome creations of others JCLers.


Do you ever love JCL so much that you could shout it from the rooftops? Well now you can, sans the rooftop part. Spirit is a great way to express your unbridled enthusiasm for JCL. States will be judged on their creativity, adherence to the themes, enthusiasm, unity, and overall performance.