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Jazz Dog Press $ 12.99 - 270 Pages Biographies , Memoirs ISBN : 978-0986192906
Kathryn Brettell
Facing a horrific attack , a resourceful nurse must summon her wits or lose her life . In this shocking memoir , the author guides us through the pivotal points of her life , from an abusive upbringing , through the wreckage of an ill-conceived marriage , onto a defining moment , full of grace and mercy , which gave her the wings to become the conquering and triumphant phoenix she is today .
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FACEBOOK - If used correctly , Facebook can be a fantastic tool . Facebook is a place where most , if not all of your customers tend to be on a daily basis . Use that to your advantage by posting updates , recommendations , and reminders for upcoming events . You could also give a book away once a week , but only to followers of your Facebook page . Post the winner each Friday morning and promote these winners in your eNewsletter . This will increase awareness of a particular book and attract and excite your Facebook fans and eNewsletter recipients .
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by Regina Puckett CreateSpace $ 12.99 - 290 Pages Contemporary Romance ISBN : 978-1491232118 by Shellie Blum Shellie Blum , LLC $ 16.79 - Hardcover - 238 Pages Biographies , Memoirs ISBN : 978-0996366908
COUPONS - Love ‘ em or hate e ’ m , coupons can play a major role in the success of any retail establishment . A well played coupon can bring in dozens , if not hundreds of new customers . Most people don ’ t like clipping however , so make it easy with a digital coupon you can scan directly from their phone . Don ’ t forget to include an expiration date . You may also want to add a clause that the offer is subject to change , any time , without notice . This way you can feel comfortable with making a big offer , knowing that if you royally messed up , you can modify the offer . But be warned … promising something , then changing your mind WILL severely anger people . So carefully consider what we ’ ve talked about when creating your coupons . by Rafael Amadeus Hines Rafael Hines $ 15.99 - 452 Pages Thriller , Suspense , Military ISBN : 978-0997091915
by Kathryn Brettell Jazz Dog Press $ 12.99 - 270 Pages Biographies , Memoirs ISBN : 978-0986192906
IN CLOSING - I ’ ve been in marketing for decades . I know any marketing pro worth a hill of beans ( forgive the cliché ) will tell you that there isn ’ t a single marketing idea or method that works 100 % of the time , for 100 % of their clients . There is no magic bullet , and there are no promises in life or in business . Everything we do is a risk . However , I have found that this isn ’ t entirely the truth . If there is one thing that I can assure you –– something I can downright promise –– it ’ s that the worst thing anyone can do in this life , is nothing at all . Always remember , do what you love , and love what you do , and the world will eventually follow .
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