TopShelf Magazine August 2016 - Page 19

coming soon coming3HELF soon Lockdown: The Homekind An exiled traitor is forced to make the ultimate choice when the world he’s hiding on is placed in lockdown and the only means of escape is a bomb that will annihilate the planet and its unusual inhabitants. Sci-fi, Adventure Author: Timothy Goyette Paperback: 250 Pages ISBN: coming soon Coming November 1, 2016 Touched by Darkness With his career kicked into high gear, Chris Blevins longs to take advantage of the finer things in life... but it doesn't take long for him to realize he’s been sucked into the occult, and must choose between saving himself or the only woman he has ever loved. Supernatural Thriller, Young Adult Romance Author: Micah Richards Paperback: 225 Pages ISBN: coming soon Coming November 8, 2016 The Unwilling Recruit After recovering from an explosion that took the life of his cameraman, his career, and half his face, John Hunt experiences something that has him believing he’s crazy, or high on painkillers. The vision of his dismembered cameraman is all too real, and he has a message. There is something special about John Hunt, and his macabre guide will lead him to the terrifying truth. Supernatural Thriller, Adult Romance Author: John Evans Paperback: 225 Pages ISBN: coming soon Coming November 15, 2016 TOPShelf magazine AUGUST2016 19