TopShelf Magazine August 2016 - Page 11

columns developing a collectible card game, I called, Mystical Empire. It was a play on the crazypopular, Magic: the Gathering CCG, only I thought it was superior, others did, too. But, I never intended to start a business out of the collectible card game, until... It was 2004, I was no longer involved with the hobby store (one of the many invaluable lessons I learned in that venture, was, never trust a person who promises a contract for your share of the business, but constantly seems to forget), I was out of work due to a slip and fall accident that had me unable to perform physical duties. It was torture on me, however, I kept myself busy, working on the card game. I was somewhat depressed. My wife and I AUGUST2016 “Would you like fries with that?” was my first job, at 14-years-old. I was so proud, so excited to be working at McDonalds for $3.15 an hour. I road my bike five miles, to and from work, everyday. It