Top tips for stressed out humans 2021 - ThisWorks | Page 3


We have begun a new year but it still feels as if we are crawling towards a very uncertain finish line .

Over 9,000 people took part in our recent survey on Burnout . We found that :

Months of prolonged uncertainty , death , grief , dislocation , role changes , blurred boundaries , homeschooling , moving home , loneliness and a consistent call to navigate change , both internally and externally .

Although there has been an echo of ‘ we are all in it together ’ - each of us have experienced these challenges in our own unique way , no two ways the same . But the one area in which we can find common ground is that we are all deeply stressed and tired . Stress and tiredness are byproducts of change , and change challenges our illusion of control .

84 % of us still feel exhausted even after a good night ’ s sleep . 81 % of us are feeling increasingly more emotional whether that ’ s crying , getting angry or feeling tense . 78 % of us are feeling detached and disconnected from things that usually bring us joy .