Top Paddock Summer 19 - Page 14

white in the winter and cold. Farming with the wind chill is very hard, as it could be a -20 degree day but with wind chill can go to -50. In the show ring, i learnt to much. When they show, they always have a comb in the back right pocket and they dont use the show canes to move the cattle foward. Nose clips in females dont get use. I learnt alot about clipping the cattle from their tails to top lines. I loved the show scene in Canada especially Agribition, that is differently a experience that anyone who is interested in the show scene or the product line of the cattle industry needs to experience This opportunity for myself to travel to Canada was through winning the 2018 Allflex Senior Ambassador at Future Beef. The Future Beef committee haven't only provide me with the opportunity to travel the world of that is of interest of mine but to also create opportunities to make connections. So a huge thank you to the Future Beef NZ and Allflex for your contribution towards this trip. FUTURE BEEF NEW ZEALAND 14