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Trip of a lifetime Lucy Collin gives us a rundown on her recent trip to Canada, supported by Allflex , as part of her FBNZ Senior Beef Ambassadorship At the end of November, I was lucky enough to be asked by Steppler farms to come over and work at Agribition in Regina Western Canada. Agribition was the largest show I have ever seen and have gain so much more appreciation for our temperatures in New Zealand. one of my highlights at Agribition, was have a full barn of just Charolais was pretty incredible and then watch Andre Steppler judge the championship class. That was an incredible experience. From Agribition, we then drove six hours back to Miami, Manitoba that was my home for the next seven weeks at Stepplers farm Ltd. Everyday was working in snow, ice and wind chills and temperatures that were below -15°C most days. During my time at the farm, I bedded the cattle, that were all housed outdoors, and preparing the females for the 2018 female sale on the 12th of December. It was a fantastic sale, well done Steppler family. “Everyday was working in snow, ice and wind chills and temperatures below -15ºC...” This trip was my second time traveling to Canada and I must say I could quite easily stay over there full time. The learning opportunity from show preparation, ring craft and even seeing the difference in farming here in New Zealand was an experience I will never forget. The farming differences are completely different to new Zealand. They feedout everyday with straw. Over night they can have up to a foot of snow but it is constantly FUTURE BEEF NEW ZEALAND 13