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Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech 2015 Dr Srini Sundaram Co-Founder - Aire Dr Srini Sundaram is Co-Founder at Aire, an alternate credit score for people who are incorrectly classified because they have no credit history. His deep expertise in alternate credit scoring and risk management models makes him one of the leading authorities in the European scene. He is a holder of 2 patents within machine learning and stochastics processes. He previously has worked at 2 of largest fintech startups in Europe in the lending space. Srini is also the Cofounder and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at Squidmint, a peer to peer lending platform for small and medium businesses in UK and Director at Amygdala, a risk intelligence business operating in fintech, alternative finance and alternative investments sectors. He is also Founder and Director at Agrisolum, an agri-tech startup with a vision is to enable technology and financial inclusion to farmers using big data and web technologies to help the world achieve food security. A BE in Electronics and Communication graduate from the University of Madras, Srini completed his doctorate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Sitar Teli Managing Partner - Connect Ventures Sitar Teli is Managing Partner at Connect Ventures, a venture capital firm founded in 2012 to focus on seed and early stage investments of £150k - £1.5m in internet and mobile companies in Europe. Connect Ventures’ investments include Citymapper, Typeform, The Cloakroom, and Pact Coffee. Connect Ventures has a $34 million fund that has made 18 Investments in 15 Companies to date and exited from one acquisition. Sitar is a Board Director of invested companies such as Auxy - an app for music makers, The Cloakroom B.V. -