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Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech 2015 Satish Jayakumar Founder & Team Member at Satish Jayakumar has thirteen years entrepreneurial experience in developing strategic & profitable online businesses across markets, having been part of raising over $15m in venture funding & over $200m in exits. He is currently the Founder and team member at Typeless, founded in November 2014, which is a contact book for business. It brings together contacts from Google apps, Gmail, Linkedin, Facebook & with 7+ other apps from Salesforce to Outlook and is set to go live within months. He is also an investor in Grub Club & Toothpick. Grubclub brings curated pop-up gastronomic experiences to consumers. Grubclub marries stunning locations with experienced chefs to create out-of-this-world settings for breakfasts, brunches, lunches & dinners. Toothpick is a dental booking & appointment management service. Satish is best known as Co-Founder & COO at AdJug, Europe’s first online advertising exchange, where h