Tone Report Weekly Issue 118 | Page 26

PURETONE BUFFER: Formerly VisualSound, the TrueTone Pure Tone Buffer is the smallest on the list, and is an ICbased flavor of buffer. The sound here is very mid-forward, and the highs are a little subdued as opposed to the Analogman. Let’s have a listen: JHS LITTLE BLACK BUFFER: In the vast line of effects available from JHS, usually unsuspecting at the very bottom of those lists, lies the unsuspecting Little Black Buffer. It’s got a nice design, and a bright orange LED to show you it’s ready for action. It’s an IC-based model, and the sound is quite well balanced. The highs aren’t spiky or overbearing and the mids are natural and clear. Have a listen: 26 TONE TALK // SATURNWORKS BUFFER: For those who have ever been on, the name Saturnworks pops up more than once when shopping for a reamp box, an A/B box, a buffer, or any other matter of “utility” pedals. Bryan Wallis of Saturnworks does a whole bunch of cool stuff for a great price, and one would be hard pressed not to check it out. The character of his buffer is a bit similar to the PureTone, with a more midforward characteristic and softer highs. Have a listen here: Following the shootout, one question still remains: Who is the victor in this test of tones? Like I always say, sound and tone is an incredibly objective thing, and what sounds good to me may not sound very good to you. So I encourage you to listen carefully, analyze, and most of all, enjoy. Until next time! Battle of the Buffers: 4 Tone-Suck Stoppers