Tone Report Weekly Issue 101 | Page 20

T he Redtail DG Strat was a project completed in 2013 and it was influenced by one of my dad's favorite guitarists. It wasn't meant to be a replica, but rather a tribute with some eclectic elements, like most Redtail Guitars. The guitar has found its way into many demos, since it has such a unique tone and plays just how I like it, with an Earvana compensated nut and plenty of tension with four springs on the bridge. This build was also a fun relic experiment. The alder body has a well-worn black lacquer finish and the maple neck goes even further with charcoal rubbed into the grain before finishing, fretboard wear and even a little cigarette burn simulated with a soldering iron! The plastic parts were soaked for a week in a mix of tea and coffee, then sealed with a thin lacquer to keep the tint in place. He also found that green Sharpie did the trick in replicating the ink used in vintage Fender knobs. The electronics were also Gilmour-inspired, the bridge pickup is an ‘80s Duncan SSl-1 while the neck and middle are custom wound 69s from RCI (sadly, Ryan Izon is no longer with us). A cool feature is a mini switch that allows just the neck and bridge pickups to be used together, or all three. This is just one of the many guitars my father has lovingly made for me, I'm honored to play it and thrilled to see so many viewers comment when I bring it out for a demo. ~Andy 20 DROOLWORTHY // Andy's Redtail DG Strat