Tomah Chamber & Visitors Center Newsletter August Newsletter 2019 - Page 14

We were able to borrow the Norwalk Lions Club trailer to use for our stage for 4 out of the 6 weeks. This has worked out as a fantastic option for our stage; however, we then realized we need semi trucks and drivers who are willing to move it from location to location. Thank goodness we are centered in a transportation hub! We lucked out with more great commu- nity partners such as Wisconsin Transport and Keene’s Trans- port who are helping us move our stage to and from Superior Avenue. On the two weeks that we can’t use the Norwalk Lions trailer, Tomah Lumber will be allowing us to use one of their trucks for the stage. We can’t wait to see how this will come together! Avenue followed up by our capstone event: Music on Milwau- kee on August 24th which will be on East Milwaukee Street starting at 4:00 and will feature more great music. MEMBERSHIP TIERS Thank you for your support, Tomah, you fill my heart. I look forward to seeing you on the streets living those dreams! Lead Influence Accelerated Growth We spent a lot of time trying to predict how many people would show up to events. On the 4th of July, Jeremy Haldeman and I stood in the street, nervously trying to guess how many people might show up in the next 45 minutes…400 maybe? We decid- ed we would be satisfied with that showing of support and put a lunch bet on it. But we didn’t hit 400, by all estimates, we had between 1200-1400 people come! (I don’t recall who owes who lunch, Jeremy!) Our socks were blown off! Could we attribute this to the first event landing on a holiday? We weren’t sure what to expect for the second night. This time, our estimates were between 1,000 and 1,100. As this was going on at the same time as Country Boom, we still didn’t know what to expect for the next week…well, on July 18th, we had somewhere between 1,400 and 1,600 people join us on the streets! Can you believe it, because I’m still not sure I can! The Tomah Chamber and Visitors Center was braced to take a bit of a fiscal loss on this first year event. A risk we were willing to take because we believe so fiercely in the future of Tomah and our original dream. Thankfully, many local sponsors saw our vision and stepped up. While the Chamber and Visitors Center won’t make money on this event, our intention is to facilitate the opportunity for everyone else involved to make money. All of the non-profit and civic groups involved are bringing in cash from the event that will fund their scope of work and future community projects. The businesses that are making money are also many of the same businesses who give back and support local work and community projects. We believe and hope that our businesses will see what this event is and continue to step up to fund it in the years to come for the betterment of Tomah. Carmichael & Quartemont, S.C. 1220 MARK AVENUE • TOMAH, WI 54660 608-372-4455 HO-CHUNK CINEMA We are through our first three weeks, folks. We are taking a break this week to encourage people to spend time at the Mon- roe County Fair. We are taking this week to recharge. We are taking this week to pinch ourselves to make sure we aren’t still dreaming! Next week, we will return with more great bands, more energy and even more love for Tomah. Thank you for the positive energy, the sponsorship, the belief that we can do this and the encouraging comments. So many people have come up to me saying “This is what Tomah has needed”. That encouragement and support has not only kept me awake late at night, but it has fueled even more dreams. That being said, we have three weeks left of live bands on Superior Tomah Nursing & Rehab Schreier’s Auto Supply