Tom Ruscha A reliable team providing a good car service

Tyre & Auto Southbourne Group Review : A reliable team providing a good car service

Committed to providing an excellent car service to any individuals is what Tyre & Auto Southbourne Group is known for in Southbourne . The company has been delivering a reliable and honest service to their customers for several years now and their team is constantly receiving good reviews for their smart and practical service .
Tyre & Auto Southbourne Group could indeed provide utmost care to your car with their meticulous work . Each manager is equipped with extensive experience in this particular field . George Mandair , as well as other managers , usually gets good feedbacks from the customers . It ’ s nothing surprising for a trustworthy service . People with car related concerns can count on the capabilities of the company in giving solutions to their problems .
Tyre & Auto Southbourne Group has been involved in the trades in South Coast of Hampshire , building their firm reputation throughout the years . It is also a family run company that can truly handle any of your car problems with proper care .
Included in their services are brake checks , car servicing , searching for good tyres , MOTs , as well as free seasonal checks . You can also obtain a quick tyre quote and reserve your tyres for fitting through their online service .
The company always target to provide convenience to their customers and as a result , they also offer a local collect and a return service to them . We suggest to ask them about the service when you booked since their team can answer and address any of your other car concerns .
All of their depots can also check your car ’ s windscreen wipers and can conduct a full engine overhaul . Many customers have been satisfied with their ability in handling car works . What ’ s more is the company ’ s good selection of free service checks .
You may contact the local depot of Tyre & Auto Southbourne Group for further information about their car services .