APRIL 2023

Business Journal

Connecting Businesses with the Town
Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipts no longer require approval from the Town of Jupiter
On August 17 , 2021 , the Town of Jupiter Town Council approved Ordinance No . 14-21 , repealing sections of the Town Code requiring the issuance of a Business Tax Receipt for businesses in the Town of Jupiter . Therefore , the Town is no longer processing requests for municipal Business Tax Receipts .
In addition , the Town of Jupiter no longer requires business operators to obtain Town approvals for the zoning portion ( section # 2 ) of their Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipts . However , all businesses must still adhere to the Town ’ s Land Development Regulations , site specific development order conditions and other applicable requirements . This includes , but is not limited to , zoning , parking requirements , development order conditions ( site plan , special exception , planned unit development , etc .), impact fees , and occupancy change requirements .
All business owners must still adhere to any County requirements for Business Tax Receipts . The Palm Beach County Tax Collector office is located at 3188 PGA Boulevard , Palm Beach Gardens and can be reached by phone at 561-355-2264 .
If you have any questions , or require further information , please contact the Town of Jupiter Planning and Zoning Staff at 561-741-2323 .
CareerSource Palm Beach County
CareerSource Palm Beach County is chartered by the state of Florida and has a dedicated team of career counselors , business coaches and training providers to help area businesses stay competitive through training , grants and talent acquisition . The organization also aids job seekers in finding new jobs through career assessments , training and employment assistance .
Michael Corbit , Vice President of CareerSource Palm Beach County , is a member of the Town of Jupiter Business Advisory Council . He has provided the Town with an Economic Overview report of the five Jupiter zip codes , which is available upon request .
Any business seeking assistance is welcome to reach out to Michael at 561-340-1060 , extension 2368 . The CareerSource office is located at the Central Career Center , 3400 Belvedere Road , West Palm Beach . More information on the organization is also available online at careersourcepbc . com .
We are here to help
If you need support with your business during the U . S . 1 Bridge closure , please reach out to the Town of Jupiter Business Community Liaison , Roger Held , with any questions or concerns . Roger can be reached by email at Business @ jupiter . fl . us .
Hurricane Preparation
Hurricane season begins June 1 , which is approaching quickly . Jupiter businesses and residents should always err on the side of caution by anticipating an active hurricane season . This includes making preparations for tropical depressions and storms , and hurricanes that may not directly hit our area , but may still impact our weather . A storm that doesn ’ t make direct landfall can still cause local erosion , flooding , wind damage , and , possibly , tornadoes .
Please visit the Town ’ s website at jupiter . fl . us / Storm for the most up-to-date Hurricane and Flood Guide , local shelter information , storm categories , flood and insurance information as well as links to other important organizations to follow should a storm threaten the Jupiter area . The Town ’ s website also includes checklists for before , during and after a storm as well as a link to Palm Beach County ’ s Emergency Notification System .
Businesses seeking more information about how to prepare for a storm , or for an evaluation of your building for flood proofing and other flood mitigation strategies , can contact Business @ jupiter . fl . us .
Social Media Tip
Hashtags Can Help Draw Interest to Your Business
By using hashtags , which are indicated by use of the pound symbol (#), that are relevant to your business or a product you are selling , your company can get in front of people who are already interested in the product you offer . When social media users search for the product , service or brand included in your hashtag , your social media post may show up in their results , potentially attracting new customers to your business .
When selecting hashtags for your business , remember to choose those that are specific to your product , service or particular industry . By creatively using hashtags in a variety of ways , you can engage with the audience and drive traffic to your business .
Cybersecurity Tip
Cybercriminals are quite effective at getting what they want . They ’ ve learned that the easiest way around your organization ’ s defenses isn ’ t hacking and cracking , it ’ s tricking you into letting them in .
Phishing is the most common form of “ social engineering ,” or manipulating you into taking some action that isn ’ t in your own best interest or in the best interest of your organization .
• Be suspicious of emails from unexpected or unusual senders .
• Avoid forwarding suspicious emails to ANYONE !
• Only open attachments if you trust and have verified the source .
• Keep private information private , including passwords and account numbers .
• Always ignore links in suspicious emails .
• Verify from the source – log in via official websites , not links .